Thursday, 30 October 2008

my way of thinking ,once...

assalamualaikum (peace upon you)..
its been a really great i had this chance to speak up what ive been thinking recently..
i wish a can speak and write in english fluently and in the correct way, but im supposed to be really bad in grammar and english literature,so what i try to achive here just some point based on my knowledge and thinking..i just write what ive heard ive saw..i have some friend that have really great personalities..sometimes they stood up as a brilliant leader and sometimes they just a dork that goofing around..haha..maybe thats what we call human, right?

yesterday, i have a really deep talk with one of my roomate. he just returned from our homeland malaysia, (f.y.i we studied in cairo) and we talk about what happened in our country. recently.the mass problem that occured for whole world was the oil i mean petrol probblem. Malaysia is a warm and peaceful country, but the oil problem is not the only problem that worrying us. Its the political problem. i doesnt stand any of the parties that involved in my country politic particularly. I just dont understand why the politician only care for their place but leave their duty and responsibilities to care for our benevolences..

on the other hand, i found that our people were fond to changing their lifestyle to the state that we cannot agree any of its kind. Malaysian people was once to be proud with their tradition lifestyle that old but really great as one nation. my friend told me, that he experienced himself the society due our teenagers. He was teaching and had seen problematic manner of our teen. He barely understand that our mindset today are totally different with situation that we hope for.

Maybe this talk was just a talk, but as im saying before, i speak what is in my mind. That all.. Im proud to be Malaysian
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